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Hentian Puduraya

Operations for north-bound express buses were temporarily relocated to Bukit Jalil in March, 2010 to allow for massive multi-million Ringgit renovation works at Puduraya Terminal.

Puduraya Express Bus Terminal

Puduraya Express Bus Terminal

After multiple delays, Hentian Puduraya was finally ready for business on 16th April, 2011. This is the newly renovated Hentian Puduraya (Puduraya Express Bus Terminal) popularly known as just Puduraya.

rows of seats

rows & rows of seats

A few weeks ago, after hearing from friends about the very modern Puduraya, I decided to make a trip to Kuala Lumpur to experience Puduraya for myself. I didn’t have anything to do in KL actually, though I always welcome an excuse to window shop, but I was thinking that if I waited until there was a reason to be in KL, Puduraya may no longer be pristine like this. You know how Malaysians are with maintenance.

Puduraya waiting area

one of the waiting areas


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