Christmas Day: I Want Doraemon @ Ipoh Parade 3rd & Final Day

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I know this post is a day late but YouTube has been giving me trouble and unable to process my video. Arghhh I have been trying to upload my last and final video up since yesterday. Just now I decided to convert my video format and after wasting time looking for a free video format converter, the damn server was down and I could not download the file.

I finally managed to download it but was asked to install this and that programme to be able to use the free video converter programme. Sh|t…. so pissed off. On top of that, I finally found a format that YouTube could process, in .wmv but the video quality looks like shit now. But it will have to do till I managed to get a better option to replace it. So, I write this post also si beh no mood already!


Anyway, I purposely went to Ipoh Parade on Christmas Day (I was at Kinta City on Christmas Eve) expecting a show but did not expect to see Doraemon and his friend, Nobita. I didn’t even know what day or time they will be around. I am glad, though, that I finally caught their last show.

Video (below): Doraemon at Ipoh Parade – Christmas show – Pt. 1

Doraemon makes an appearance

All these photos and videos were taken with Olympus SP-550UZ, but photos have been reduced by 50% for blog publishing. I didn’t even have the chance to take out my iPhone LOL

Doraemon, Nobita & staff

Photo session with Nobita & Doraemon


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