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Introduction to Video Creation

Introduction to Video Creation

Join Hadas to learn the easy way to create engaging videos for free with Canva.

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Join Hadas in this 1-hour interactive workshop to learn how Canva enables you to create engaging videos for any audience with ease. They’ll explore how the Canva Video Suite gives you all the ingredients you need to create any type of video easily, with no experience required.
Introduction to Video Creation

Canva video experts Max and Dre will explore the fundamental skills of video editing and explain how to create with the Canva Video Suite and create powerful and impactful videos for your marketing, business or personal projects. With Canva, you’ll master video in no time.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:
Why video is so important in our visual ecosystem
How to create any type of video easily
How to leverage Canva’s extensive media library of clips and audio
How to upload your own video and audio
How to export your work

This webinar is suitable for: Everyone who is new to Canva, no prior experience is necessary.

Date & time: 9th November, 2021 (5 – 6pm UTC+08)
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