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Holiday Mode

Sei lor [translate: DIE!]…. it’s been two weeks since I went into holiday mode, not getting things done but just sleeping, eating, shopping, watching movies, basically just bumming around without doing anything constructive and definitely nothing productive!

Although I have no pressure to update this blog, I keep thinking at the back of my mind what posts I am going to come up with should Blogi release a deluge of offers this week. I tell you, my mind is totally blank and I am not going to be able to finish a hundred posts within two days. That terrifies me. I am totally exhausted from the blogging marathon that I was put through twice lately. I need time to recover from those sessions and also to build up my list of blog topics once again. Right now, the list stands at ZERO! EEeeekkkkk

Plastic white Christmas tree

I didn’t even want to blog at all today but then the closing date for Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom blog contest is drawing near and if I don’t submit an entry, I am going to kick myself for missing this shot at US$1000. If I win this cash prize, I can cuti [translate: holiday] for another two weeks 😀

Famous Malaysian excuse number don’t-know-what: “WHERE GOT SO LUCKY ONE????”

Of course not so lucky lah, but I just like to give myself that chance.

Actually, when I read the requirements of this contest, I really lazy already but today, I told myself that I have to get this over and done with and reading through the terms again just now, I remembered why I procrastinated! Anyway, I did what I could and the only things I did not do are writing a substantive blog post [blek – I prefer freeform], submit multiple entries [blek – really lazy to go around my blogs logging in and out] and posting about this contest in forums [they wouldn’t like it]!

If it’s mine, it’s mine, right? ….. wish me luck!!!
With love

4 thoughts on “Holiday Mode

  1. Happy New Year, Emily!! Been so long since I visited you.. Everything is so different…….. HUGS XOXO

  2. Happy New Year 2008 to you too Albie. I wish the New year will bring you lots and lots of happiness and peace and most importantly, good health!

    Everything IS different with this blog. This is my baby. 😀

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