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2010 Jusco Kinta City Christmas Events @ Ipoh

In Ipoh, normally, only two shopping malls have events lined up for Christmas; Kinta City and Ipoh Parade. While Kinta City has already started Christmas celebrations, Ipoh Parade will only start on 23rd December, 2010.

Last Saturday and Sunday evening saw me making my way to Kinta City to catch the 8pm shows. As you can see from the Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre Christmas Event programme below, I managed to watch “Christmas Carols & Instrumental” and “Juvenile Latin & Christmas Dance”.

Tradimode of SM Convent, Ipoh

The “Christmas Carols & Instrumental” event on Saturday evening was a performance by Tradimode, a musical group from SM Convent, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, consisting of a band, choir and dancers, blending traditional and modern musical instruments. I stayed on for the full 30 minutes of the show but it wasn’t a very entertaining set because most of the performers were not enthusiastic about their own show and some looked as if they were forced to be on stage. You can judge for yourself in these seven videos below that I have shot and compiled.

Video (below): 7-in-1 video playlist of the Christmas performances

“Juvenile Latin & Christmas Dance” is obviously a dance performance by children; the word “juvenile” doesn’t have a good ring to it. The dances were quite enjoyable although the Christmas dances were very childish. The Latin dancers are older and gave good performances. Perhaps it’s just the general “feel good” air that Latin music gives.

young dancers in Ipoh
young dancers introducing themselves

In any case, watch this video that I shot. Enjoy!

Video (below): 4 girls dancing

Event: Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre Christmas Event
Venue: Kinta City, Ipoh

Date: 18th Dec, 2010
3pm – Mascot S&J – giveaway candy
5pm – Christmas Carols Time:
8pm – Christmas Carols & Instrumental

Date: 19th Dec, 2010
11am – Rock Around the Christmas Tree
3pm – Christmas Wonderland Dance Show
5pm – Christmas Freez
8pm – Juvenile Latin & Christmas Dance

Date: 24th Dec, 2010
5pm – Free Body Art
8pm – Magical Santa Claus & Children Puppet Show

Date: 25th Dec, 2010
3pm – Mascot S&J – giveaway candy
5pm – Musical Chair
8pm – Christmas Instrumental

Date: 26th Dec, 2010
11am – Christmas Instrumental
3pm – Christmas Dance Show
5pm – Santa Says
8pm – Christmas Dance Show

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  1. i want ask the music instrument promotion at ground floor near kfc and macdonald on 18th of dec is what company???

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