AlphaBAT Ipoh Showcase

AlphaBAT kpop boyband
1. AlphaBAT

Brought to us by New Pro Star, K-pop boy-band AlphaBAT made their first stop of their three-city tour at Ipoh Parade, in conjunction with the relaunching of the shopping complex.

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

This is the Koreans’ second Malaysian tour, where they happily noted the increase in their local fan base compared to their first tour of the country in April.

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

Amazingly, some of these fans, mostly teenage girls who came from other parts of Malaysia, were at Ipoh Parade at 9am that morning, when the showcase would only begin at 6pm!

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

When AlphaBAT was initially formed, it debuted as a duo act of Kyumin and Selin. However, Kyumin left soon after, while Selin was joined by eight other young men. They made their re-debut in November 2013.

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

Now, these nine members go by their nicknames, B:eta, C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F:ie, G:amma, H:eta, I:ota, J:eta.

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

After Ipoh on Friday, AlphaBAT were at Mahkota Parade in Melaka on Saturday, and today, at 4pm, they will meet their fans at 1Shamelin Shopping Mall in Cheras.

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

AlphaBAT kpop boyband

It would be the highlight of the band’s tour as this is the stop where the tenth member of AlphaBAT will be selected out of three shortlisted Malaysians. The chosen one will be Malaysia’s first ever K-pop band member. How exciting!

Event: AlphaBAT Ipoh Showcase
Venue: Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
Date: 8th Aug, 2014
Time: 6pm

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