World Carfree Day 2011 – WCD

World Carfree Day (WCD) is observed every year on 22nd September since 2000. This is a day people around the world band together to remind everyone not to accept a car-dominated society. Those who participate in this movement leave their cars at home for one day, managing their daily routine by walking, cycling or making use of public transportation like the LRT.

Jalan Hospital

I purposely made my way to a busy street (Jalan Hospital) in the afternoon to take some shots. It looks like World Carfree Day, like Earth Hour, is a day not many people in Ipoh observe. I suspect most are not aware of this special day. Moreover, it is unfortunate that Ipoh is not linked by a mass transit transportation system. Also, even if we wish to take a bus, we have no idea how. Buses here apparently run on secret routes and schedules.

car park
cars as far as the eyes could see

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