Natural Environment Gallery (Galeri Alam Semulajadi)

Natural Environment Gallery
Galeri Alam Semulajadi @ Darul Ridzuan Museum

My trip to Darul Ridzuan Museum (Darul Ridzuan Muzium) to watch the snake girl was quite fruitful, I would say. I wouldn’t even go if not for Beauty & the Hisss exhibition because I am not someone who likes old, musky stuff but since I was there, I made full use of my time.


museum exhibits
museum exhibits

I went to the first floor of the Museum which houses the natural environment gallery (Galeri Alam Semulajadi). Looking at those items gave me a creepy feeling though, so I didn’t stay too long to actually read. As you can see, I only stayed long enough to take photos. HAHAHA!

lumber equipment
lumber equipment

musical instruments
musical instruments

I don’t think I need to introduce these items as the photos are all self-explanatory, from lumber equipment to musical instruments. I also managed to get a shot of power root “tongkat Ali”. My, isn’t it huge? I wonder if the real thing is this big!

power root
tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia)

bird photo
big bird

I left soon after as everyone else left to see a snake show on the ground floor. I didn’t want to stay a minute alone with these creepy animals in the man-made “forest reserve”!

stuffed tiger

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  1. When you referred to the ‘real thing’ in the caption of ‘tongkat ali’, what really were your referring to? The exhibit is a ‘real root of the tongkat ali plant’ right? So what other real thing? LOL.

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