Web Hosting Woes

I have been inundated with web hosting problems since beginning of May. I woke up one morning to find that my hosting account has been suspended. Imagine my own suspense. I know I paid my hosting bill already and yet I was directed to contact the billing department.

I later found out that the problem was because of server overload. It pissed me off that my blogs were offline and inaccessible for more than half a day and this happened twice over a week! My traffic went out the window along with whatever blog revenue I was enjoying.

I have been comparing various web hosting packages since then and a friend suggested Exabytes, a Malaysian web hosting solutions company that I am already familiar with but did not know that they will soon launch a new and improved web hosting plan, with more powerful RAM, larger HDD capacity and higher speed processor.

Click on banner for Exabytes web hosting plans

I haven’t decided yet but am waiting for Exabytes to reveal the total number of add-on domains allowed for this new hosting plan. You know, with a slew of blogs under my belt, I certainly prefer a web hosting plan that could accommodate all my blogs and websites.
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