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It’s Time To Get Those Links Out

I believe by now the whole internet world knows that many sites got slammed in the Page Rank department. If this is real, not just a bug or dance, then there is nothing that we could do at all.

All my sites went down by one rank AGAIN! They were already down earlier this month by one rank and yesterday by another rank. It’s really pathetic to have semi-established blogs at PR ones and twos.

I noticed that a whole bunch of blogs that I normally visit went from PR4 to 2. One went from a six to a three. Some blogs even became “unranked”. How this could happen, I don’t know. Does that mean it has been removed from the index? That is a nightmare, if you ask me.

Of all my sites, I only see ONE improved on its rank. This blog went from unranked to a BIG FAT ZERO! I guess it is time to get those links out. I have US$100 in advertiser spend. Which of my many blogs shall I “attack” first?? 🙁
With love

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Those Links Out

  1. Melvin,

    You are so right. At a reasonable US$8 – US$10 inclusive of service charge also can only get me 10 – 12 posts *sigh*

    And the problem is that we can’t even get so many links out all at the same time or get banned again 🙁 We can’t win…

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