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Canine Shoes For Snoopy

If you have been wondering why the lack of update here on my blog, it’s because Snoopy fell seriously ill on 19th May, 2009, at 4am. Things have been absolutely crazy since then but today, Snoopy seems a whole lot better, though he is still bedridden.

I hope he gets to walk again because ironically, I bought Snoopy a set of shoes from a virtual pet store which took almost three weeks to arrive from the United States. The canine shoes arrived on 18th May, 2009, just a day before he fell ill and totally could not walk. Imagine my heartache. I didn’t even have a chance to take a photo of Snoopy in shoes.

I don’t have time to take a photo of Snoopy’s shoes but I found this image on the web, which is exactly the image on the package. I purposely bought this set of dog shoes because of its adjustable Velcro strap, it’s waterproof and is said to offer extra grip. However, the grip isn’t as good as I had imagined so a little modification has to be done, IF Snoopy walks again.

Please keep Snoopy in your prayers. Thank you!
With love

3 thoughts on “Canine Shoes For Snoopy

  1. That is just the most ridiculous thing I have scene. It always bothers me when people dress their dogs in clothes. The dog’s look so uncomfortable in them.

    Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love dogs but I will not dress them. I hope Snoopy is recovering well! My dog is my best friend and I know how devastating it can be when such a great animal becomes ill because of the emotional bond that is shared.

  2. I don’t think you understand. Snoopy NEEDS shoes. At his age of 14.5 years, his paws were no longer providing the grip and he was slipping all over the house. Shoes are supposed to help him walk better.

    If I had wanted to dress him up, I would have done so earlier and not wait 14 years and I definitely would have bought fancier shoes.

  3. Aww, poor fellow. Well, I hope he’ll be able to enjoy walking soon with his booties once he’s feeling better. If you were going to buy fancier shoes, which designer would you have gone with Armani? Versace?

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