Totally Forgot My Baby!

OMG! Last night, I was so sleepy that I just shut off my computer and like a zombie, went to bed. I was suddenly startled awake at 4am and went, “Aiyak! My blog!” I was supposed to update it daily mah and here I was, totally forgetting it. How could I? LOL I even wanted to switch on my computer to publish a post then I thought, “Aiya, forget about it lah” and promptly fell asleep again haha!

link love
who links to

Anyway, just now I finger itchy and went to check the website “Who Links To Me” and got a shock that this blog is a Page Rank 2. So fast meh?? Then I went to check with my Google Toolbar on Firefox and it is still a BIG FAT ZERO. Yerrr Who Links To Me bluff wan 🙁
With love

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