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Who Remembers ‘Game & Watch’?

Last night, I was checking out some online games sites when I came upon one old school game site, with games that I remember playing when Atari was a sign of affluence. On this site, there are a handful of virtual Game & Watch games. Who else here is old enough to remember Game & Watch?

I remember when I was young, my uncle travelled out of the country a lot in the course of work and he used to buy Game & Watch and sent to us and in the accompanying letter would be something like, “Study hard.” Isn’t that ironic?

The Octopus Game & Watch that I had was one of my prized possessions. You say sad life or not? LOL The graphics was only like 1D digital image and the sound was only tit….tit…..tit…..tit….. and the cue to be all kancheong during game play is when the tit tit tit becomes faster. But that fascinated all the kids, I guess.

I wonder if this Game and Watch that I had is still around, it should be somewhere. Not sure if I can get it to work still. Does anyone know if the company is still around?
With love

2 thoughts on “Who Remembers ‘Game & Watch’?

  1. Hi Kavi,

    LOL am glad that there are still fans of Game & Watch but I didn’t know that they were sold at pasar malams too?

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