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My Goodness!

This afternoon, I read this blog via my mobile device and oh my goodness, found so many spelling errors! I thought I already checked and rechecked before publishing but I guess some of them escaped my tired eyes hahaha!

I’m quite the perfectionist actually and had the urge to correct ’em typo but I am so lazy to log into my blog to do so from my phone. Besides, I have totally forgotten my password. Also, my computer was switched off so I can’t even access my blog from the computer. I have it set to auto save my password so that I can access my admin section even when I have forgotten my password.

I must remember not to clear my cache in case my passwords are erased as well!

Now that I am typing this from my computer, I am so lazy to backtrack to look for those wayward misspellings. I must learn to live with imperfections. After all, it is not the end of the world to have a few typos peppering the page!
With love

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