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This year, Wesak Day falls on 19th May, 2019 (Sunday). To celebrate this auspicious day, which coincides with the three most important events in Buddha's life, namely his birth, nirvana and parinirvana, Lama Sangye will lead prayers for devotees to accumulate positive deeds so that every sentient being in the world can experience peace & ... continue reading »

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre in Tambun, Ipoh is pleased to announce its programme to welcome the Year of the Rooster. Before the 2016 Lunar calendar comes to a close, a 3-day Mahakala Puja will be performed by Resident Lama, Lama Sangye. The objective of this puja is to express gratitude to the Dharma Protectors for their ... continue reading »

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre Tambun

It has been a while since I updated on the development of Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre in Tambun. The last time I wrote about this centre was in January, 2014, when the committee was requesting for sponsorship and donation for a 11 feet Lord Maitreya Buddha and Green Tara statues, following the successful reconstruction of ... continue reading »

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre

The Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre in Tambun has drawn up a Chinese New Year programme for devotees. Here it is: 16th - 18th Feb, 2015: 4pm - 5pm: 3-day Mahakala Puja by resident lama, Lama Sangye to express gratitude towards the Dharma Protector for their past year protection and compassion and to invoke the blessings, peace and ... continue reading »

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