Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre Wesak Day Celebration With Fire Puja

This year, Wesak Day falls on 19th May, 2019 (Sunday). To celebrate this auspicious day, which coincides with the three most important events in Buddha’s life, namely his birth, nirvana and parinirvana, Lama Sangye will lead prayers for devotees to accumulate positive deeds so that every sentient being in the world can experience peace & harmony.

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre, Tambun, Ipoh
Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre, Tambun, Ipoh

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre invites all devotes to participate in the following rituals.

Date: 17th May, 2019
3.00pm – Fire Puja (conducted by Choeje Lama Wangchuk)

Date: 19th May, 2019 (Wesak Day)
10am – Four-Arm Chenrezig Puja
11am – Bathing Buddha ceremony
11.30am – Lamp Offering Marme Monlam
12.30pm – Vegetarian lunch provided

Those who wish to participate in the above may contact the following personnel for further information:
Mdm Lim: 012 5152601
Mr. Tan: 012-5903525

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre welcomes sponsorship from devotees to make this celebration a grand occasion.

There are three main sponsorship categories: Compassion, Auspice and Joy.

At the same time, the centre accepts offerings from devotees for Fire Puja, Wesak Day Lamp Offering, Dana Offering to Sangha and Shrine Offering.

For Further information, kindly contact:
Mdm Lim: 012-5152601
Mr Tan: 012-5903525
Mr Cheah: 012-5207418

*All are welcome. For non-Muslims only.

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre
Add: 7.5 miles, Jalan Tambun, Tanjung Rambutan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
GPS Coordinates: N 04° 38.642′ E101° 09.364′

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