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1. introducing the delights of Mother

Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means it is time to celebrate the most important woman in our life. Take heed that this woman does not necessarily have to be our biological mother. She can also be our grandmother, friend, wife, sister, teacher, or even neighbour. Who says we Malaysians ever needed a ... continue reading »

May's Ipoh Car-Free Day was brought forward by a week due to Ramadan, which tentatively begins on 26th May. Anyway, this month's Car-Free Day had a triple theme to celebrate three special occasions: Ipoh City Day (27th May), Mother's Day (14th May) and Teachers' Day (16th May). This 19th edition of Car-Free Day continued to attract the ... continue reading »

Dressed in a resplendent black and glittery saree, Naomi Joy Sakti wowed the panel of judges to emerge as the Best Dressed Mother, beating twelve other ladies to the award. The event, My Mother, My Universe, was a celebration in conjunction with Mother's Day, that was organised by MBG Events, headed by Maya Malar, for the ... continue reading »

It is Mother's Day today and it is the time to reflect if we have been a good child. To me, filial piety doesn't have to be demonstrated on Mother's Day or Father's Day only because it should be a daily affair. Well, for a start, The Haven Resort Hotel & Residences are helping us along ... continue reading »

Heritage Hotel Ipoh Mothers Day Promotion

Although mothers should be appreciated every day of our lives and even if we do not display affection or show appreciation daily, Mother's Day is the opportunity for children to redeem ourselves. On this memorable Mother's Day, which is observed on May 10 this year, Heritage Hotel Ipoh has made it easier for us to treat ... continue reading »

Mom on Parade

The second category contested at this year's Mom On Parade was for mothers above 40 years old. The ten finalists, three of whom are already grandmothers, sportingly took to the stage in elegant evening gowns, and subsequently showcased their singing and dancing talent to try to capture the judges' hearts. These participants came from as far ... continue reading »

Mom on Parade

Super confident mother of two, Vivian Thooy Phooi Fun, from Teluk Intan wowed the judges and audience at this year's Mom On Parade to beat eight other finalists. Besides skilfully performing an Indian dance during the talent round, this owner of a fashion store also managed to give an effective reply to her question, "What is ... continue reading »

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