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Mom on Parade

The second category contested at this year's Mom On Parade was for mothers above 40 years old. The ten finalists, three of whom are already grandmothers, sportingly took to the stage in elegant evening gowns, and subsequently showcased their singing and dancing talent to try to capture the judges' hearts. These participants came from as far ... continue reading »

Mom on Parade

Super confident mother of two, Vivian Thooy Phooi Fun, from Teluk Intan wowed the judges and audience at this year's Mom On Parade to beat eight other finalists. Besides skilfully performing an Indian dance during the talent round, this owner of a fashion store also managed to give an effective reply to her question, "What is ... continue reading »

Mother’s Day Special Dance Show

May 16, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Mother’s Day Special Dance Show

These photos I am sharing today were taken during the Mom On Parade 2013 beauty pageant for mothers at Ipoh Parade shopping mall on Sunday. Not for any reason, except that they are very colourful. From what I understand, this dance troupe came all the way from Penang but I am not sure about the drag ... continue reading »

Mom On Parade

This post is a continuation of yesterday's, but it is Category B, for contestants above 40 years of age. It was a keen competition and the six finalists performed superbly. This beauty pageant for mothers in conjunction with Mother's Day certainly brought family and friends together, who came in droves to cheer and to show ... continue reading »

Mom On Parade

Mother's Day was celebrated in grand style at Ipoh Parade shopping complex in Ipoh, where the finals of the Mom On Parade 2013 beauty pageant for mothers got underway. Similar to the preliminary round a week ago, I am splitting my posts into Categories A (28 - 40 Years Old) and B (Above 40 ... continue reading »

make up show

SUB Beauty was the make-up and hairdo sponsor for the preliminary round of Mom On Parade 2013, which I posted on earlier, HERE and HERE. During the interval for points tabulation, eight students from the beauty academy showcased their instant touch-up technique. The theme of the show was "Colours Speak". Check out my colourful photos. "Colours ... continue reading »

Mom On Parade

Here is the second segment of Mom On Parade 2013: Category B for mothers above 40 years old. The contestants first had to parade in casual wear and then take to the catwalk a second time in evening gown. Check out my photos. 🙂 Casual Wear Parade Name: Cheong Swee Kwai Age: 44 Occupation: Hair stylist Children: 3 Name: Jennifer Chin ... continue reading »

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