Mom On Parade: Category B (41 years & above)

Mom on Parade
winners of Mom On Parade: Category B (41 years & above)

The second category contested at this year’s Mom On Parade was for mothers above 40 years old. The ten finalists, three of whom are already grandmothers, sportingly took to the stage in elegant evening gowns, and subsequently showcased their singing and dancing talent to try to capture the judges’ hearts.

Mom on Parade
Agnes Lee Hway

These participants came from as far as Kampar, Chemor, Lawan Kuda, Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar.

Mom on Parade
Alice Chan

In an amateur beauty pageant such as this one, age doesn’t matter. However, one could easily see that the confidence level of a career woman is a lot higher than a homemaker.

Mom on Parade
Chong Swee Kwai

True enough, at the end of the day, it was announced that the champion was the oldest finalist, 66-year-old Tiong Mee Keng, a mother of four and grandmother to five. Her eldest child, a daughter, is 43 years old, and could even qualify to participate in this category herself.

Mom on Parade
Ding Chor Ngok

Mee Keng, a businesswoman from Sitiawan, sang and danced to the evergreen number, 7 Lonely Days, in the talent round. In the Q&A session, she also had the “luck” to pick one of the tougher questions, which was on how to manage a financially tight household. I guess the judges found her reply satisfactory.

Mom on Parade
Har Nguk King

With the title of Mom On Parade 2014 came sponsored gifts in the form of a Gintell G-Bravo V-Track massage chair worth RM12,988, a professional make-up course worth RM5,800 or SUB skin care products worth RM1,500 and a voucher worth RM688 from Touch Wedding Studio.

Mom on Parade
Liew Mee Mui

The first runner-up was 48-year-old Liew Mee Mui and second runner-up, Chong Siew Kwai, 45. Both of them also took home prize hampers from sponsors.

Mom on Parade
Sandra Liew Mee Fah

Similar to Mom On Parade Category A for mothers between 28 to 40 years old, there were three subsidiary titles: Most Elegant, Most Body Beautiful and Most Photogenic. The winners also received sponsored gifts from Gintell, Panasonic, PL White Gold Jewellery and Touch Wedding Studio.

Mom on Parade
Su May Yee

Champion: Tiong Mee Keng
1st runner-up: Liew Mee Mui
2nd runner-up: Chong Swee Kwai

Mom on Parade
Thong Bee Leng

Most Elegant Mom: Liew Mee Mui
Most Body Beautiful Mom: Ding Chor Ngok
Most Photogenic Mom: Sandra Liew Mee Fah

Mom on Parade
Tiong Mee Keng

To read about Mom On Parade 2014: Category A (28 – 40 years old), check out this post.

Event: Mom On Parade 2014
Venue: Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
Date: 11th May, 2014
Time: from 1pm

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