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pocket bike

The 1Malaysia Autoshow Carnival 2011 is not merely a "show" but various competitions are held at this carnival, where vehicle owners have brought their cars or motorbikes, showcasing them and competing against each other. There are various categories, including spray paint, sub-woofer, in-car entertainment (ICE) and car sticker competitions, among others. Well, I am sure ... continue reading »

100 ¥en In Ipoh

Feb 5, 2009 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Olympus SP-550UZ
100 Yen

My friend, Amy, told me that 100 ¥en is a very popular store. I don't get why it is so popular. 100 ¥en opened in Ipoh on 18th October, 2008, if memory serves me well. In fact, half a year after their launch, they are still hanging these banners outside. The reason I don't get ... continue reading »

Chey.... I submitted this photo below to The Star's Thumbnails in mid-February, 2008 but till today, I did not see it published. Just like my earlier submission, Defiant, it has been left on the wayside while the Editors think that some other photos are better, like this cat. People who are online long enough would have ... continue reading »

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