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Ipoh Vintage Car Club Chinese New Year Gathering

The Ipoh Vintage Car Club once again organised their annual gathering in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. It was also to celebrate the club's fourth anniversary. With support from hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors from Kuala Lumpur, this was one of the largest gatherings of the year. The God of Prosperity, whose role was played by Au ... continue reading »

Ipoh Vintage Car Club

The new officially formed Ipoh Vintage Car Club organised a gathering among members, fellow vintage car hobbyists and friends, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, and the club's third anniversary. Yup, it was a double celebration of sorts. And to top it off, the God of Prosperity dropped by to bless everyone with, what else, ... continue reading »

MG Sports Classic Car

Jul 18, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Cars & Motoring
vintage car MG Sports

Allow me to share a "lazy" post with you today. Without writing too much, I would just like to share some photos of a MG Sports classic car that I spotted during a gathering of antique cars in Ipoh a little while ago. Whose car is this? I hardly see it on the road. Note: View ... continue reading »

vintage cars

Today, I bring you photos of four vintage cars that I spotted in Ipoh one recent morning. They are Holden Special, Opel Manta, Triumph Herald and Peugeot 204. As said earlier, I know nothing about cars, let alone classic or antique vehicles! I just like taking photos of them. I don't even like to drive... ... continue reading »

pocket bike

The 1Malaysia Autoshow Carnival 2011 is not merely a "show" but various competitions are held at this carnival, where vehicle owners have brought their cars or motorbikes, showcasing them and competing against each other. There are various categories, including spray paint, sub-woofer, in-car entertainment (ICE) and car sticker competitions, among others. Well, I am sure ... continue reading »

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