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Ipoh Parade Chinese New Year proramme

8 Feb 2pm - Choy Sun walkabout 4pm - Photo session with Choy Sun 7pm - Choy Sun walkabout 8pm - Lion & dragon dance performance 9 Feb 12pm - Shaolin kung fu performance 2pm - Acrobatic lion dance 2pm - Choy Sun walkabout 3pm - Photo session with Choy Sun 4pm - Shaolin kung fu performance 5pm - Choy Sun walkabout 8pm - 24 drums performance *the ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year buffet lunch

In the past, my family used to have the problem of looking for a place to eat on Chinese New Year's Day because most eateries were closed and the only ones opened were vegetarian restaurants. If you are like us, and will be spending your Chinese New Year holidays in Ipoh, perhaps it's a good ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year Temple Fair

Even before we officially gallop into the Year of the Horse on Jan 31, Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming Daily and Tow Boh Keong organised a "Miao Hui", which means "Chinese New Year temple fair" at the temple compound. Temple fairs are Chinese cultural gatherings traditioanlly held in or adjacent to temples, and held just before ... continue reading »

Impiana Hotel Ipoh Chinese New Year dinner

Chinese New Year falls on Jan 31st this year, and as we gallop into the Year of the Horse, most Chinese families will make the effort to get together for a meal, which we call it the reunion dinner. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year in Ipoh, Impiana Hotel Ipoh is a good choice to ... continue reading »

Chap Goh Meh celebration

Chap Goh Meh, the "fifteenth night" of Chinese New Year, falls on 24th February this year. It's the Chinese-version Valentine's Day. While I celebrated this day at Kwan Yin Tong (Goddess of Mercy limestone cave temple) the past couple of years, this year saw me visiting the new attraction in Ipoh, River Walk. River Walk is ... continue reading »

Lord Yellow Dzambala Puja

人日 (Yan Yat) or "Everybody's birthday" which falls on the seventh day of the first lunar month, was celebrated with Lord Yellow Dzambala (Wealth Deity). The celebration, for non-Muslims only, was organised by Persatuan Penganut Gonga Tenjay Ling, while Tashi Delek Collection was the co-organiser. The celebration incorporated animal liberation, lamp offering, puja (honour, worship and ... continue reading »

CNY celebration

Sunrise Palace Sdn. Bhd., developer of Clearwater Bay Resort, hosted a Chinese New Year open house on the sixth day of the first lunar month. Having attended a string of open houses over these past few years, this one was special as it was graced by the popular cast of Chinese New Year movie, "Once Upon ... continue reading »

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