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Dudjom New Treasure Buddhist Society

Dudjom New Treasure Buddhist Society is organising Dharma activities during Chinese New Year. To celebrate Chinese New Year, a buffet lunch is also served on Feb 9th at 1pm. All Dharma brothers and sisters are welcome to join in the celebration. 29 Jan 14 (年二十九) 8.30pm - Mahakala Puja (玛哈嘎拉护法仪轨) 30 Jan 14 (年三十晚) 8.30pm - Four ... continue reading »

Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre

The reconstruction of the Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre, previously a cave temple, in Tambun, Ipoh, has completed. Therefore, the temple committee is now seeking sponsorship for a 10feet Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha) that is estimated to cost RM100,000 and Green Tara costing RM40,000. Also, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, the temple committee has lined ... continue reading »

CNY Reunion 178

A year ago, I bumped into CNY Reunion 178 at Ipoh Parade. This year, ten household names from OneFM, ntv7 & 8tv, which make up "178", are back in Ipoh. The show, this time hosted at De Garden, was brought in by Penang-based Soulin Events. The event company also brought Justin Lo to De Garden ... continue reading »

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