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Clearwater Bay Resort Chinese New Year Celebration

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CNY celebration
Clearwater Bay Resort Chinese New Year celebration

Sunrise Palace Sdn. Bhd., developer of Clearwater Bay Resort, hosted a Chinese New Year open house on the sixth day of the first lunar month.

CNY celebration
directors of Sunrise Palace Sdn. Bhd., cast of Once Upon A Time, event organiser World Trend Sdn. Bhd.

Clearwater Bay Resort CNY celebration
Chinese New Year message from Jack Lim a.k.a. Ah Beng, specially to readers of Emily2u.com

Having attended a string of open houses over these past few years, this one was special as it was graced by the popular cast of Chinese New Year movie, “Once Upon A Time”, including Jack Lim a.k.a. Ah Beng. The entire event was handled by World Trend Sdn. Bhd.

CNY celebration
“lou hei” at the VIP table

VIP guests also got to “lou hei”. It is believed that the higher the ingredients are tossed, the greater the abundance of health, prosperity and happiness for the coming year. This act is also known as “Prosperity Toss” in English.

CNY celebration
queuing for free cinema tickets to “Once Upon A Time”

Guests at the open house were also treated to the movie “Once Upon A Time” later in the evening at TGV AEON Station 18. A total of 600 tickets were given out in batches that morning.

CNY celebration
fourth from left - 黄世豪, winner of the most creative calligraphy with cash prize of RM888

The winner of the most creative calligraphy contest was also declared, who won the prize of RM888 cash.

CNY celebration
a calligraphy master demonstrates his skills

Turn next page to read about the calligraphy competition that was held at the same venue earlier in the morning.

CNY celebration
topics revealed for the three categories: Primary School, Secondary School & Open


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