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MCA Wanita Perak CNY Celebration 2012

MCA Wanita Perak held a Chinese New Year celebration right after the one by MCA Perak. Yes, what a hectic Sunday morning it was for MCA Wanita members and supporters! MCA President Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek was the guest of honour. GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING… Video (below): Artist from China, Xin Min, draws ... continue reading »

CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad In Stores Now!

Oct 9, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Gadgets, Photos - iPhone
CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad

Being in the market for a tablet in an attempt to lighten the weight on my back when I travel and too cheap to pay a few thousand bucks for an Apple iPad, I am so excited to discover that CSL, a Malaysian company that deals in mobile phones and other electronic devices, including netbooks, ... continue reading »

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