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Struck By Lightning!

This month is seriously bad luck for me. Last evening, lightning struck my home and killed my telephone line. Well, I could still make and receive phone calls but there’s a lot of static and I could no longer connect to Streamyx.

Also, my two computers were switched on during that time so my two network cards were fried. My modem, however, survived the hit but my wi-fi router is burnt. SIGH. My area here is in the “line of fire” and I am not surprised that my poor Dino totally freaked out each time there was a thunderstorm.

Right now, I am waiting for the TM technician to come and repair my phone line and I hope that my Streamyx connection will be restored as soon as possible. I’m using my Celcom 3G connection now, which I feel is not as stable as or as fast as Streamyx.

Oh yes, I don’t have wi-fi now so I would not be playing with my iPhone. I NEED 3G iPhone! Anyway, hope things will be back in order sonnest. Really no mood!
With love

4 thoughts on “Struck By Lightning!

  1. No wonder you’ve been “silent” for the past few days! Oh dear, I hope you get back to normal soon! I miss reading your blogs! 🙂

  2. My phone line is repaired already but my Streamyx connection keeps dropping and I don’t know where the fault is. I can’t blame Streamyx this time 😀

  3. LOL this happened to me before and I remembered my dad has to spend $1K to buy new modem and fix the pc.. it was so many years back it happened. SO now I am very caution if thunder sound.. straight off everything and pull the plug!!

    oh yeah.. there is Maxis 3G you didnt try? I didn’t use them.

  4. Hi Sherry!

    I also do unplug as soon as I could but this one came so suddenly. I have a feeling that the weather has gone haywire!

    I changed almost everything already but my Streamyx is not like before. I keep getting disconnected that I could not even concentrate on my work.

    I do have Celcom 3G. It’s not as stable as Streamyx. Maybe the signal is not that strong in my area? I don’t know. Really fed-up!

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