When I saw this notice erected at every cashier counter of Jusco in Kinta City, and I believe in all Jusco departmental stores nationwide, I recalled the post that Sam wrote about being served by long-faced sales people.

Smile Reminder

Frankly, with the rising cost of living, it is not easy to find a smiling salesgirl, especially at the end of the day, when she has pulled a long day at work, on her feet. Pay is low and partially commission based, which means that if she is not able to ring in sales through the month, she would only be receiving her basic pay.

Is there anyone who would still spend lavishly these days? People in Ipoh are not as affected, judging from the way they shopped hungrily during Jusco Member Day on 17th July, 2008, mainly because Ipoh is a relatively small city physically and it does not cost us as much to drive in terms of fuel and toll fees.

If Sam shops at Jusco and encounters long-faced salesgirls and boys, he could remind them to smile. 🙂
With love

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