Phew….it has been almost a week since I updated my blog. I need to work also, sometimes, which I am thankful for. It keeps the mind occupied.

Anyway, I caught this tiger on my iPhone a couple of days ago. This is an art piece by a Chinese artist who has set up stall at one of the local shopping complexes here in Ipoh.

HHmm come to think of it, I seem to see him EVERYWHERE! Perhaps it is him, perhaps it is his lookalike brother or something but don’t tell me that it is such a coincidence that he could be just at the same mall that I decided to go to that same evening? Strange!

free iPhone wallpaper

Whatever, I think that this is an awesome piece of art. The tiger looks “alive”, not that I have seen a real life tiger before! I am so happy that this shot turned out perfectly as I only shot once!

Once again I am offering this image as a free iPhone wallpaper. It is great for people who were born in the Year of the Tiger! Let me know if you are using it!
With love

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