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Ipoh City Tour On Bus

Today, I bring you information on touring Ipoh City on a bus. Whether you are a tourist or a local who would like to visit some of the more popular attractions in Ipoh by bus, this will be useful information, hopefully.

Perak Transit Ipoh buses
Ipoh city tour

Perak Transit is the company that runs this bus service and they have an office in Kidd Road (also known as Medan Kidd). This is the bus station for local or intra-city buses (buses that ply within Ipoh City and to nearby towns in Perak).

Currently, there is only one bus running this Ipoh City Tour route. It is not easy to distinguish this bus from the ones that ply within Ipoh City because they are all blue-coloured. However, there is a note in front of the bus that reads “IPOH CITY TOUR”. Also, the bus is larger in size. By the way, this bus is air-conditioned and handicapped-friendly.

As for bus fares, it is RM2 each time you board it. So it doesn’t matter the distance of your trip. Once you have disembarked at any of the stops that I have listed here, when you board the bus again, it’s another RM2. It’s similar to KL’s Hop On Hop Off buses.

Ipoh City Tour Route / Stops
Kidd Road (Medan Kidd)
KTM Ipoh Railway Station
Perak Cave
Kampung Tawas
Persiaran Tasek
Tesco / Jusco (Kinta City)
Pantai Hospital Ipoh
Giant Hypermarket
Lost World of Tambun

As for bus time-table, it is 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. This means that 8am is the time the first bus leaves Kidd Road (Medan Kidd).

If you have ridden on this bus before to tour Ipoh City, do leave a comment. I would like to read about your experience!

Medan Kidd Bus Station (Kidd Road)
GPS Coordinates: N 04 35.653′ E 101 4.331′

Note: View larger image by clicking on it once this page has completely loaded.
With love

72 thoughts on “Ipoh City Tour On Bus

  1. Ya.. a thought just crosses my mind.. ie. not disembarking the bus, and let take you around until it comes back to base station. I wonder whether they will charge ‘extra’ for that !

  2. Hi Emily,

    I’m visiting Ipoh next month (early Dec) via Train from KL. Am wondering if I can actually board the Ipoh City Tour Bus from KTM Ipoh Railway Station? And where exactly can I board if from @ KTM Ipoh Railway Station. I tried searching for more info from the internet but there’s absolutely none.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  3. Hi Joe,

    Frankly, I have no idea where the bus stops at the railway station.

    Your best bet would be to walk down the street to Medan Kidd bus station. However, do bear in mind that depending on your timing, it could be a long wait for the bus for you as this bus runs at 2-hour intervals.

    Enjoy your stay in Ipoh, nonetheless!

  4. Thanks Emily for your speedy response.

    Btw… If I were to walk from KTM Ipoh Railway Station to Medan Kidd, how far is the distance because I’m bringing along my 4yr old daughter…. and if I were to take a taxi from KTM Ipoh to LWOT, how far is the journey and how much will it cost me one way??

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. The distance between Ipoh Railway Station and Medan Kidd is about 500m.

    Distance between railway station and Lost World Of Tambun is about 10km.

    Taxi from railway station to LWOT is about RM15 one way.

    For your convenience, take down this number of an Ipoh radio taxi operator.

    BK Radio Taxi: 05-2534188
    Operating hours from 7.30am to 11.30pm daily.

  6. Hi emily. I’m thinking of going to Ipoh next week on my two day stopover in kuala lumpur. would yu know if this city tour bus is still operational? thanks so much.

  7. Hi Emily, I would like to ask that how to know that whether this city tour bus still on service? As I’m going to Ipoh on this coming Friday. Your reply on this is much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Hi Aishah,

    It takes about 30 minutes by car but if you are going by bus, I’m afraid you would have to wait for it to MOVE, so that would take longer! 😀

  9. Hi Emily,

    Is the ETS Train at ipoh the nearest to the Lost World Of Tambun? I am planning to go there this August or is there a fastest way to go there, I am coming from KL. Thanks

  10. Any Perak Transit or other local bus from medan Kidd go to Kuala Kangsar?
    If yes, what are the frequncy?

  11. Hi Emily. I would like to ask you about the perak transit bus – pink colour. it’s different from this one right? Do you know the schedules for those buses? thank you 🙂

  12. hi Emily, I am planning to visit The Lost World of Tambun this coming June. Thought of staying at one of the hotels near to Medan Gopeng Bus terminal. I would like to know how much is the taxi fare/bus fare to that theme park from the bus terminal? Tq 😛

  13. Hi Emily,

    I am going to take a bus at Amanjaya Bus Terminal but I am coming from Kampar. So may I know is there any public transport that can take me to the Amanjaya Bus Terminal from Medan Kidd?

  14. Hi Denise,

    I do not have specific information but I believe there is a bus that plies Medan Kidd – Terminal Amanjaya.

    You have to ask around when you are at Medan Kidd.

    If you are catching a bus at Terminal Amanjaya, and if you already have a ticket, I suggest you take a taxi!

  15. Hi emily? i’m planning to visit LWOT this week..is there any publc transpot from terminal amanjaya to LWOT? or may i know the rate/range if we go by taxi?

  16. Hi Emily,
    I am planning to come to Ipoh in October 2013, from KL, i want to know is there any intra city (Local) buses available outside the Ipoh KTM Station??

  17. It’s within walking distance from KTM station. Walk out from the KTM station, walk right to the post office and then turn right again. Walk till the end of the road. The bus station is just on your right.

  18. Hi Emily,

    I’m from kuala kangsar. I want to go to Jusco / AEON Kinta City Ipoh from Medan Kit Bus Station this wednesday. May I know are there’s a bus from Medan Kidd Bus Station to Jusco / AEON Kinta City? How far is Medan Kidd to Jusco? And if there’s a bus to Jusco, how much is bus fare? Or do I need to ride a taxi? How much is taxi fare? I really need your reply. Thank you 🙂

  19. Hi Tasneem,

    I believe there are buses to AEON Kinta City from Medan Kidd bus station although I am not able to give you the bus schedule.

    I am also not aware of the bus fare, but it can’t be more than RM3.

    Distance is about 20 minutes’ drive away.

    As for taxi fare, it could be around the range of RM15, but I could be mistaken.

    I apologise for not being very helpful with my reply but I hope you will have a good trip to Ipoh.

  20. hi Emily~
    I plan to go Lost World with my friends in next month~

    Is it the Ipoh City Tour Route still same as u post?
    will the bus depart from Lost World ?

    Thanks 🙂

  21. hi,
    may i know got perak bus to lost world of tambun from medan gopeng bus station? i come from penang to ipoh medan gopeng statipn bus and then go to lost world of tambun…

  22. Coming from Penang, your bus disembarks at Terminal Amanjaya. I am sure there’s a bus to the Lost World of Tambun, although I do not have the schedule. You may need to take a bus to the bus station in town first, and then proceed to LWOT from there on another bus.

  23. Hi Emily
    I’m coming from Penang to Ipoh Next week so how I should go to the Pantai Hospital Ipoh ?
    The taxi fares from Aman Jaya to the hospital and about the bus routes ?
    Thank you

  24. Hi Kugan,

    From Terminal Amanjaya, take the shuttle bus to Medan Kidd.

    Then from Medan Kidd, take a bus to Tanjung Rambutan that would stop at Pantai Hospital, or a taxi for convenience.

    This would save you a considerable amount in fare.

  25. Hai emily. Does this means that i have no problem to go to aeon jusco kinta city once i arrive at ktm ipoh? I just need to hop on the ipoh city tour bus at ktm, yes?

  26. Hi Emily I heard that this service had been discontinue. Is there still provide us any shuttle bus from ipoh railway station to lost world? Not only this company but other bus company

  27. Hi Emily,

    How can I get to tambun area if I ride from Medan Kidd Ipoh Bus Terminal?


  28. Hi Michael,

    As far as I am aware, Ipoh Omnibus serves the Tanjung Rambutan route which passes by Tambun.

    First bus leaves Medan Kidd at 6.45am. Last bus leaves Medan Kidd at 9.15pm.

    Last bus leaves Tanjung Ramnbutan at 8.10pm.

    Total three buses ply this route a day.

    Lost World of Tambun is before Tanjung Rambutan stop.

  29. Hi Emily,

    Just want to ask you.. Is there a bus stop in Tasek Area??
    Reply As Soon As Possible

  30. Hi Rishi,

    I am sure there are, just that I have no idea where. The buses in Ipoh run on secret routes, as you know.

  31. Hi Emily, may I know what’s the best way to reach Sitiawan from Ipoh downtown by public transport? Thanks.

  32. Hi Emily,

    I plan to go to The Lost World Hotel. If I take ETS from KL sentral to Ipoh Station then how I go to The Lost World Hotel? Is there any bus? Or take the bus IPOH CITY TOUR?

    How long from ETS station to The Lost World?

    Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

  33. Hi Numtan,

    Distance between railway station and Lost World Hotel is about 10km.

    Taxi fare from railway station to the hotel is about RM15 one way.

    For your convenience, take down this number of an Ipoh radio taxi operator.

    BK Radio Taxi: 05-2534188
    Operating hours from 7.30am to 11.30pm daily.

  34. Hi Emily,

    I’m from kl sentral will be taking ets to Ipoh. I would like to go to Butterworth. How long distance from KTM to Medan Kidd. Is there any buses?

  35. Hi Emily,

    Thank you very much for your reply!
    I have one more question, how can I go the below place from the lost world hotel..

    – Ling Sen Tong
    – Tokong Nam Thean Tong
    – Sam Poh Tong
    – Lang Mountain
    – Night Bazaar

    Is there any bus to go there??

    Please help me…..


  36. Hi Numtan,

    For these locations, as far as I know, the most convenient would be to take a taxi from Lost World Hotel.

    Ling Sen Tong, Nam Thean Tong and Sam Poh Tong are within the same area.

    Lang Mountain (locally known as Gunung Lang) is in another area. A nearby cave temple is called Loong Thow Ngam.

    There are a few popular limestone caves and cave temples near The Lost World Hotel.

    One of them is the Tung Wah Tong Temple:

    Another attraction nearby is Enlightened Heart Tibetan Buddhist Temple

    Meanwhile, for night bazaars, there is a bazaar every evening but in different areas, usually near residential areas, provided weather is fine.

    Monday – Ampang Jaya
    Tuesday – Bandar Baru Medan
    Wednesday – Stadium Perak
    Thursday – Silibin / Taman SPPK
    Friday – First Garden
    Saturday —
    Sunday – Bercham

    Night bazaars are open from about 7pm onwards until about 9.30pm – 10pm.

    Take down these numbers:
    BK Radio Taxi: +605-2534188
    Ah Bee (charter taxi): +6016-6777443

  37. Hi Emily,

    You can help me for everything…
    Thank you very much!

    Now I change my plan to go only Ling Sen Tong, Nam Thean Tong and Sam Poh Tong on the morning then back to the lost world.

    So if I take the taxi, how far from the lost world hotel and how much for the taxi fare??

    Or shall I rent the car to go there??


  38. Hi Numtan,

    I just called BK Radio Taxi (tel: +605-2534188) and one trip from Lost World Hotel to the limestone cave area (Ling Sen Tong, Nam Thean Tong and Sam Poh Tong) is approximately RM18.

    When you leave, you need to call the taxi again.

    This is because if you ask the taxi to wait for you, there is surcharge. Besides, with the three caves, there’s plenty to see and take photos and that will take some time.

  39. Hi Emily.. I’m from Butterworth. I’m planning to take bus to amanjaya. Then I have to travel to Medankidd.. So can I know what time will be the perak transit bus from amanjaya to Medan kidd? And how much does the fare costs? Is there any counter of Perak Transit in Amanjaya?

  40. Hi Slysha,

    Perhaps it is better for you to take the train from Butterworth to Ipoh?

    Leave Butterworth at 5pm and arrive Ipoh at 6.50pm. The Ipoh Railway Station is just a short walk from Medan Kidd.

    Fare is RM23 (adult).

  41. Hi Emily,

    You save my life again!
    Thank you very much for your advice….
    Look forward to my coming vacation on this end of month…


  42. Hi Tan,

    If you take the bus from Pudu Sentral, you will disembark at Terminal Amanjaya, another station.

    May I suggest you take a train, where you then walk to Medan Kidd bus terminal and from there take a connecting bus to Tambun?

    For bus schedule to Tambun, you can call Ipoh Omnibus office at 05-2410942 or 05-2420942.

  43. Hi emily. I’m from ipoh ktm. I would to know if there is any bus from amanjaya bus terminal to lumut? Or is better take bus from medan kidd to Lumut? Thanks in advance.

  44. FYI. Ipoh city tour was not operating. I asked the counter at medan Kidd and she did not know anything about it – even showed her the picture. You might want to verify that. Cheers

  45. I would like to ask if i arrive at ipoh with the ETS .Does ETS nearby got this bus station?

  46. hye emily, i am from shah alam.i want to go to the hospital tanjong rambutan.
    which public transport is the best for me? my friend said i should get a bus from sh alam to amanjaya,then board on rapid perak to medan kidd.from there,i can take uber. do you have any suggestion other than the one above? thanks so much! i wish to go on this wednesday…

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