Today, I bring you information on touring Ipoh City on a bus. Whether you are a tourist or a local who would like to visit some of the more popular attractions in Ipoh by bus, this will be useful information, hopefully.

Perak Transit Ipoh buses

Ipoh city tour

Perak Transit is the company that runs this bus service and they have an office in Kidd Road (also known as Medan Kidd). This is the bus station for local or intra-city buses (buses that ply within Ipoh City and to nearby towns in Perak).

Currently, there is only one bus running this Ipoh City Tour route. It is not easy to distinguish this bus from the ones that ply within Ipoh City because they are all blue-coloured. However, there is a note in front of the bus that reads “IPOH CITY TOUR”. Also, the bus is larger in size. By the way, this bus is air-conditioned and handicapped-friendly.

As for bus fares, it is RM2 each time you board it. So it doesn’t matter the distance of your trip. Once you have disembarked at any of the stops that I have listed here, when you board the bus again, it’s another RM2. It’s similar to KL’s Hop On Hop Off buses.

Ipoh City Tour Route / Stops
Kidd Road (Medan Kidd)
KTM Ipoh Railway Station
Perak Cave
Kampung Tawas
Persiaran Tasek
Tesco / Jusco (Kinta City)
Pantai Hospital Ipoh
Giant Hypermarket
Lost World of Tambun

As for bus time-table, it is 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. This means that 8am is the time the first bus leaves Kidd Road (Medan Kidd).

If you have ridden on this bus before to tour Ipoh City, do leave a comment. I would like to read about your experience!

Medan Kidd Bus Station (Kidd Road)
GPS Coordinates: N 04 35.653′ E 101 4.331′

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