One day, my friend commented that my hair smells nice and asked me what shampoo I used. I was like.. eeerrrrrrrr? I could not remember! How could I when I have so many?

When I took this photo, one bottle was missing as my mom took it to the hair dresser’s. See, am I crazy or what? Kopi asked me why I keep my hair so long. No money for a haircut, is it? Shampoo is more expensive, woh.

My cousin used to work with Johnson’s & Johnson’s but he also didn’t give me “samples” *ahem*

I’m so bored I just wanted to show off my shampoo! Boo!
With love

2 thoughts on “Shampoo

  1. Last time my marketing lecturer told us that he used to work in a company that manufactures shampoo and they had to come up with a new shampoo so they decided on one that smells like APPLE.

    He said that the Apple shampoo could not sell! Come to think of it, there is no shampoo that smells like apple in the market now. 😀

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