Ooohhh look at these cacti! I actually forgot that I took a photo of them until I checked my iPhone just now. Haha… I am so forgetful nowadays I guess it is a sign of growing old. Blehhhh! With numerous blogs to run, can SOT [translated: go crazy] wan 😛

colourful cacti

I took these photos in Jusco. They have a section in their wet market that sells plants. Don’t ask me why they sell plants in the wet market section though! I go to that area sometimes even when I have no reason to.

monkey cup

And this is a photo of a plant called “monkey cup”. I know why they called it CUP but why MONKEY? Is there anything in this plant that resembles a monkey or something? I have no idea at all but the word “cup” always amuses me.

I actually like plants but I don’t like the WORK that comes with caring for them. I don’t even have time to take care of myself. If I keep plants, they will die. I won’t remember to water them. Yes, I killed my sister’s cactus before because I didn’t water it for ages. What was its name again? I don’t remember anymore ..….
With love

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