Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I finally got a haircut last evening. How long I have procrastinated, while my hair became longer and longer until I was fed up with long hair! This photo was not able to really show the volume of hair that was “chopped off” because everything’s BLACK. My head feels so much lighter 😀

Anyway, I am very sleepy and frustrated now. I slept from 2.30am and woke up at 5.30am because I had work to do. I get frustrated when I make a special effort to crawl out of bed but am not able to get any work completed because of one thing or another! GGGrrrrr I want to go back to bed now!!!! The weather is perfect for snuggling in bed right now, even at this hour. ZZZzzzz
With love

4 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. _butt, my hair now is layered but short. I didn’t want it to be this short but the stylist kept snipping and snipping but it’s OK. It will grow back soon enough.

  2. LB, yeah, long ago hairdressers did ask for my permission to make wigs from my hair as they want to train students in hairstyling. Now they have real wigs for this purpose.

    If they want to make a wig, they will tie our hair first then only cut so that at least they can get maximum length from us.

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