Ramadan Bazaar @ Stadium Perak, Ipoh

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I went back in the evening and it was milling with shoppers by then. Most were there to buy food to break fast with and there were a handful of non-Muslims who were there specifically for the food. And then there was me.

Malay pancakes


Some curious vendors asked me why I was taking photos. I said that these were for “paper” and they were very happy, smiled and even posed for me, unlike the fler at Matta Fair who haughtily told me that I would need permission first before taking photos of the Fair.

honey chicken
ayam golek madu

Laksa Kedah in Perak

It took me about 30 minutes walking from one end of the Bazaar to the other end, going past the four rows or so of vendors selling various traditional Malay food and food that have been influenced by other races in Malaysia like Chinese-style fried rice, pancakes, roti canai and kacang puteh. Even ice-cream vendors and yogurt drink mobile stalls were there to capitalize on the hungry crowd too. I half expected someone to sign me up for a credit card.

kacang puteh

fire crackers
fire crackers

Although I didn’t pack any food home, the Laksa Kedah reminded me of the hot and spicy food in Singapore and the Otak-Otak reminded me of trips to Melaka and Johor. Maybe I should have bought some to reminiscence the good times.

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With love

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  1. try the famous mee at sarawak mee kolok.. stall 142 ( u can see sarawak flag ) i try eat meat mee kolok and chicken mee kolok fuhhs its very delicious and i want to try mushroom Black Pepper mee kolok and prawn mee kolok….rare menu coz they said mee oder original from sarawak..thats nice …^ ^ try it.

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