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Colours of Pasar Ramadan Greentown

pasar Ramadan Greentown
roti naan

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner, this post is my final one on colours of pasar Ramadan in Ipoh.

pasar Ramadan Greentown
nasi ayam bakar

pasar Ramadan Greentown
nasi tomato

This bazaar in Greentown is of a modest size but no lack of choices of food!

pasar Ramadan Greentown
nasi goreng telur

pasar Ramadan Greentown
mini sausages

One thing different about this bazaar is that there are tables and chairs set up for those who plan to break their fast here.

pasar Ramadan Greentown
ikan bawal goreng

pasar Ramadan Greentown
sosej burger

Also, this may not be large compared to the one in Medan Gopeng or at Stadium Perak. However, opposite of this bazaar is a stretch of stalls where tens of types of Raya cookies are sold!

pasar Ramadan Greentown
preparing burger baker by NGB

pasar Ramadan Greentown
preparing tandoori chicken

Check out my photos of colourful food that I came across.

pasar Ramadan Greentown
Raya biscuits

Ramadhan Bazaar Greentown
Venue: Greentown, Ipoh
Date: 29th June – 27th July, 2014
Time: from 3.30pm – 7pm

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With love

2 thoughts on “Colours of Pasar Ramadan Greentown

  1. Im well pleased to read some of the informations and pictures in this sight. I would like to know more if u don’t mind because I’m new here and doesn’t know places..bt I am really interested on ur previous post on little India. I would like to know transport fair like taxi and buses around Ipoh. I’m staying in canning garden.

  2. Hi Ernah,

    It is easier to take the taxi than bus, especially from Canning Garden.

    To go to Little India by taxi, the fare is about RM10 one way.

    Do take down this radio taxi phone number: 05-2534188 (BK Radio Taxi)

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