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Ramadan Bazaar @ Stadium Perak, Ipoh

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What do non-Muslims associate the month of Ramadan with? The food, of course! Ramadan Bazaar, if you do not know, is like a food fair that comes once a year throughout the month of Ramadan where traditional Malay delicacies are sold for the breaking of fast for Muslims. But where there’s food, there are Chinese.

bazar Ramadan
Ramadan Bazaar @ Stadium Perak

curry dishes
traditional Malay dishes

Frankly, I have never been to any Ramadan Bazaar before because of the nightmare of getting a parking spot but I was eager to go and get some photos this month of Ramadan or I would have to wait for a year!

sweet drinks
colourful syrup

more colourful syrup

When I went to the “Branded” Warehouse Sale, I wanted to walk across the road to have a look at the Ramadan Bazaar at the opposite car park of Stadium Perak but the stalls were still not fully opened yet so I had to go home and make another trip out. It was OK, though, since I live just a short distance away.

food fare
Ramadan food

prawn crackers
used to eat these when I was a kid


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3 thoughts on “Ramadan Bazaar @ Stadium Perak, Ipoh

  1. try the famous mee at sarawak mee kolok.. stall 142 ( u can see sarawak flag ) i try eat meat mee kolok and chicken mee kolok fuhhs its very delicious and i want to try mushroom Black Pepper mee kolok and prawn mee kolok….rare menu coz they said mee oder original from sarawak..thats nice …^ ^ try it.

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