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I thought that my Random Shots of Malacca concludes my mini tour of Malacca but what is a series of travel posts without the food? I don’t have that many photos of Malacca food specialities (how could we eat so much?) but I am not a blogger for nothing. So with photos thrown together from two different cameras, I have a Malacca food post of quality (I hope).

Here are some of the more popular food from Malacca that one should try when visiting Malacca. Personally, I found Malacca food to be a bit too salty for me.

Melaka fried oyster
1. fried oyster

This is fried oyster with egg. It’s a popular Malacca dish it seems but it was salty! People who suffer from high blood pressure should stay away! Oh yes, this wasn’t just salty, it was oily as well!

Melaka pork satay
2. pork satay

Satay…who can’t recognize this? However, this is pork satay, which is pretty rare. I don’t think pork satay is even available in Ipoh.

Melaka otak-otak
3. otak-otak

Beats me why this is called otak-otak. In Malay, “otak” means brains! Buek, right?

Well, it’s actually grilled meat in banana leaf. The filling we had were fish and prawn. Really not easy to differentiate between the two but both were just as salty. Yes, and oily too!

Melaka Yong Peng fish balls
4. Yong Peng fish balls

These fish balls (in the bowl) came all the way from Yong Peng. If I was from Yong Peng, Johor, I definitely would not dine here! This is why I avoid Ipoh food when I am out of Ipoh! We were told that this famous Yong Peng fish ball has expanded to Kuala Lumpur too.

Melaka chicken rice balls
5. chicken rice balls

So here are the famous chicken rice balls of Malacca, if you have been wondering how they look like. They look like fish balls or meat balls but to me, they are just fine chicken rice rolled into balls. Small balls. How do they taste like? Chicken rice, of course! Imagine, instead of eating a plate of chicken rice, you can just wallop a few of these. LOL

popular Bibik cendol Melaka
6. cendol

I was told that Bibik cendol is one of the more popular cendol stalls in Melaka. It looks mouth-watering and probably tastes delicious, just what is needed to cool down on a sweltering afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to give this a pass as I was having a nasty cough.

So this post on yummy Malacca food should really conclude my trip to the Historic City. By the way, photos 1, 2 and 3 were shot with Olympus Tough 6000 while photos 4, 5 and 6 were shot with Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3.

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