Matta Perak Travel Fair – MPTF 2010

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I went to Dewan Leong Wan Chin at SMJK Perempuan, Ipoh in Jalan Kampar, Ipoh, last evening to get some photos of the Fair. Since the day I went to Malaysia Airlines – MITM Travel Fair 2010 at MidValley Megamall last month, I have been eagerly waiting for Matta Fair, not that I have the budget to go on a vacation at this point but just to compare the crowd.

IT sale

I was prepared to pay an entrance fee but was pleasantly surprised that there was no fee charged. I thought that it would be MYR3 or MYR5 and I remember that we had to pay to visit previous Matta Fairs in Ipoh but I love that it’s free!

online games

When I entered the main entrance of Dewan Leong Wan Chin, it felt as if I have stepped into an IT Fair instead. Exhibitors were promoting laptops, online games and internet broadband. And can we do without credit card promoters? They seem to be everywhere, not that I have anything against them.

officiating ceremony

Tour and travel agents who exhibit at Matta Fair Ipoh are all converged at the main hall. When I arrived, unfortunately, the officiating ceremony was already over. I think I was there at 8pm but the ceremony started at 6pm. All the VIPs had already left by then.

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