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Muar Johor
Welcome to Muar, Johor

Visiting South in the middle of June, I didn’t only spend time in Johor Bahru but took the opportunity to visit nearby towns too. We spent a lot of time on the road and I am so guilty of not sharing driving duties. There are two kinds of people in this world; the driver and the passenger and I was most definitely the passenger.

Johor monument
monument in Johor

I have to say though, after 1.5 months since the trip and with so many things happening in between, I am suffering from memory lapse and can’t really recall where in Johor I visited. Looking at the photos doesn’t really refresh my memory since my trip was too fleeting.

pineapple Pekan Nanas
Pekan Nanas pineapple

Pekan Nanas clock tower
Pekan Nanas clock tower with pineapple motif

Like the giant pineapple, which was so tricky to shoot as the sun was behind it, I had to text my friend to ask if it was in Muar. It was in Pekan Nanas, District of Pontian. Duhhhh!! And the clock tower, I don’t even know where it was anymore. Hopefully, someone will enlighten me. (ETA: It’s in Dataran JB).

clock tower in Johor
clock tower in Johor


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