Peranakan Beaded Shoes

beaded shoes
award winner Lim Tian Seng shows off his work

One of the dying trades of Malacca is the Peranakan beaded shoes. This is because sewing of the beads is a skill that not many have mastered. It is time consuming and even a simple design may require at least three days, eight hours of sewing a day.

beaded shoes
Mrs. Lim shows off a pair of beaded heels

beaded shoes
Mrs. Lim shows the way to sew the beads

One of the top makers of Peranakan shoes is award-winner Lim Tian Seng. He and his wife run a shoe shop along Temple Street (Jalan Tokong). My friends and I paid them a visit one hot afternoon, to try to see how the sewing of the beads is done. One certainly needs plenty of patience, good eyesight and a steady hand for the back-breaking work!

beaded shoes
almost completed

beaded shoes
shoes for sale

In 2012, Lim was conferred the National Craft Award and UNESCO Seals of Excellence For Handicrafts. These recognitions have certainly propelled him into the limelight.

beaded shoes
floral design

beaded shoes
a pair of red heels

Depending on the complexity of the design, a pair of Peranakan beaded shoes at this shop is sold from RM180. Not so expensive when you think about it. A pair of well-made shoes can last for generations! All it needs is a little maintenance now and then!

beaded shoes

beaded shoes
never two of the same pair

T.S. Lim Trading
Add: 63, Jalan Tokong, 75200 Malacca.
Tel: 06-2926812

beaded shoes
Award of Excellence for Handicrafts

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10 thoughts on “Peranakan Beaded Shoes

  1. An intricate and master piece of art. It is unfortunate that this art will be lost in time if no apprentice is trained to take up this dying trade.

  2. Hi, i have a pair of beaded shoes that is not wearable already but the beads are still good. Can i get it fix or use the beads to make another pair?
    what would the cost be?

  3. hi,im vanessa frm sarawak here n very intrested of the nyonya shoes…im looking for long time to hv tis beautiful shoes..n is hard to buy in other online sale..perhaps here is the place i found it which hv many pattern n nice design nyonya how can i buy frm here n how to made payment n do u hv a shoes design pattern to show out?i hope to hear frm ur msg as so as possible..tq again..

  4. visit Albert Hawker Centre Queen street, at level 3 and look for a shoe maker shop(only one there). to maintain or make new pair using exiting beaded face.

  5. Hi Emily,

    Can I find out from you whether you have the pattern book for nyonya manik shoes which I can buy from you. thank you.

  6. Hi Tay Chee Yan,

    Sorry, I don’t have any pattern book. I visited this shop, and do not make bead shoes myself.

  7. sy sudah 5tahun mengikuti jahitan manik kasut dibawah T.S.Lim Trading ..Bos merupakan bos yg paling baik sekali ..walaupun ada kerja tersalah buat..bos tak pernah marah..malah menegur secara baik..

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