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Not Crocs, Just Crocodile

I told my friend that I wanted to buy a pair of Crocs but I went into the Crocs concept store the other day and came back out. No matter how I wanted a pair of Crocs, because they are comfortable and I like their colour contrast, though they may not necessarily look nice since Crocs are an acquired taste, I could not justify spending over MYR100 on any pair of footwear, not just Crocs.

A few days later, I went to Kinta City and although they have been holding a sale for a long time now and I have gone to their shoe department a couple of times and could not find anything that I wanted to wear, I saw this pair of shoes (I call all footwear “shoes”), and bought it. It was cheap, considering it is Crocodile.

Please don’t tell me to shop at the pasar malam just because I used the word “cheap”. When I say “cheap”, I meant the low price relative to its brand name, product, material and workmanship.

I sent a text message to my friend and told him that I finally got myself a pair of shoes, and it is Crocodile, and he replied, “Crocodile or Crocs???” LOL I usually do not get to buy what I want, just what I need.

I went home and told my mother that I got new shoes. She asked me what size I bought and I said size 8 and she replied, “Wah, big foot!”

With love

5 thoughts on “Not Crocs, Just Crocodile

  1. Hi Jenna,

    I do agree that Crocs are super comfy but it’s too expensive over here in Malaysia because of the low currency exchange rate.

  2. Raynebow,

    Wah, although pink is also one of my favourite colours, a pair of pink Crocs would be too striking and attention grabbing. With Jibbitz summore very childish loh. LOL

    I was thinking of a pair of lime + pink Crocs sandals. *shiver*

  3. Lime and pink might actually be better than some of the colors I’ve seen on people feet. lol! What is with the fascination with these shoes?? A store actually opened up in my city that is totally devoted to Crocs!

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