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Old Malacca Heritage Tour

Jun 29, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel
Melaka heritage tour

Be prepared to walk, a lot, when you visit Malacca. Of course, you can take an easier way out, either by cycling or taking a trishaw ride. I walked a lot when I was in Malacca, and it helped that one of the hotels we put up at, Quayside Hotel, is located in the most ... continue reading »

Malacca River Cruise

Jun 27, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel
river cruise

Melaka may be a small city but there are just so many things to see and do. During our 4D/3N tour of Melaka, which was, frankly speaking, insufficient, we managed to find time for Melaka River Cruise. The Melaka River and Coastal Development Corporation, which offers this cruise, has forty boats that ply along the Malacca ... continue reading »

Galeri Demang Abdul Ghani

This traditional Malay house, built in 1894 without a single nail, belonged to the village headman at that time, Penghulu Abdul Majid. He was a tycoon whose ancestors were from Palembang, Indonesia. Penghulu or Demang were titles bestowed upon the head of society, and was highly respected by the community. This house in Merlimau, Melaka, has ... continue reading »

Melaka trishaw ride

Baduka is actually a multi-talented man who is a family member of the company that owns and manages the restaurant that sells Nasi Ayam Pacak. I got to chat with him during my meal at his restaurant while in Melaka. During our visit, he took the opportunity to promote his business, which is custom spray painting ... continue reading »

Api-Api Steamboat & Grill

Jun 24, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Goodie Foodie, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel
Api Api Steamboat and Grill

A dinner of a combination of steamboat and grill is getting more and more common lately. As I do not take beef, I have to be careful that I do not have beef in my hotpot. At Api-Api Steamboat & Grill, diners would first have to choose their ingredients from the various freezers, buffet style. ... continue reading »

Melaka Bike Trail

Jun 23, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Sports, Travel
Melaka On Bike

Cycling is a favourite pastime among foreigners when they are in Melaka. My group of friends had the opportunity to cycle along a village trail, in Tiang Dua, and the sight was breathtaking. Firstly, after choosing their mountain bikes and strapping on the cycling helmet for safety purposes, participants in the cycling activity ... continue reading »

Lotus Shoes For Lotus Feet

Jun 22, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Shopping, Travel
lotus shoes

Opposite from Lim Tian Seng's Peranakan Beaded Shoe Shop in Temple Street (Jalan Tokong) is Raymond of Wah Aik Shoemaker, who also makes beaded shoes. However, the highlight here is actually his Lotus Shoes, which are really small shoes custom made for ladies of the old days with bound feet, also known as Lotus Feet. Obviously, ... continue reading »

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