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Night Scene At Bugis Street, Singapore

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Bugis Street
Bugis Street, Singapore

When I told my friend that Singapore is too expensive for my liking, he replied that it’s because I don’t know where to go. He said that if I don’t want to be fleeced, I shouldn’t go to touristy places like Bugis Street and VivoCity shopping mall.

Bugis Street shoppers
shoppers at Bugis Street

Well, unfortunately, these places were exactly where I went when I was in Singapore for three days in mid-June. I even went to Bugis Street night bazaar twice. What to do; the place is just so convenient, it’s just a short walk from the Bugis MRT station. I didn’t buy anything though, except bread for breakfast the following morning.

Bugis Street bread
popular Bugis Street bread

It was my first visit to Bugis Street even though this wasn’t my first visit to Singapore. I was surprised that it looked like Petaling Street. Well, it’s not as if I have been to Petaling Street that many times but that was the impression I had, except for the existence of the lone adult shop. Teehee.

Bugis Street sex shop
Bugis Street adult shop

Even though my friend told me that Bugis Street is a touristy place, I didn’t feel it. Petaling Street is way more touristy with every other shopper a Caucasian. When I was at Bugis Street, I was surrounded by Singaporeans, mostly, so it was like any other night bazaar or pasar malam locally.

assorted goods at Bugis Street
Bugis Street knick knacks


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One thought on “Night Scene At Bugis Street, Singapore

  1. I always thought Singapore is quite cheap,hmmmm.
    By the way, tnks for the review and great photos.

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