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Since June, a team of animal care staff at Jurong Bird Park's Breeding and Research Centre has been rearing an adorable ball of grey fluff, even pampering it with a pair of cute blue shoes. This ball of fluff, a Greater Flamingo, has been named Squish, for its ‘squish-ability'. When keepers at the park found it ... continue reading »

Get ready and head to Singapore's Jurong Bird Park this end-November! That's when Asia's largest bird paradise will be unveiling to visitors two of the world's rarest macaws, the Spix’s macaw and the Lear’s macaw. With the addition of Spix's and Lear's to the park's resident Hyacinth macaws, Jurong Bird Park will be the only public ... continue reading »

According to the 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore is currently the world's most expensive city to live in, beating Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney, Caracas, Geneva, Melbourne, Tokyo and Copenhagen. Yet, Euromonitor International recently released data on the most-visited cities in 2013, and Singapore came in second out of ... continue reading »

Haw Par Villa (also known as Tiger Balm Shrine) is a park in Singapore that I had always wanted to visit, and finally went there during my vacation in the city-state in January 2015. It is a unique garden, not only grand in architecture and meticulously planned, but is also rich in educational value. Undisputedly a wonderland, ... continue reading »

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are on opposite sides of the New Bridge Road along the Singapore River but they are connected via two underpasses, one of which is painted with colourful murals all along the inner tunnel wall. Both are historical riverside quays in Singapore; Clarke Quay is situated upstream from the estuary of the ... continue reading »

Chinatown, Singapore

Aug 12, 2016 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel

Chinatown in Singapore is only "China town" to foreigners. To other Chinese people, it's just like any other predominately Chinese areas in Singapore, except that maybe this is more commercialised. As comparison, I bought a bottle of 500ml bottle of mineral water at SGD1.30 but purchased the 1.5L bottle of water at only SGD1 in ... continue reading »

The Ten Courts of Hell is part of the attraction at Haw Par Villa, the theme park in Singapore. Here, through this display of Chinese mythology, visitors learn about life after death. Its primary objective is to instil traditional values through Chinese folklore. Due to the graphic nature of the exhibits here, visitors' discretion and parental guidance ... continue reading »

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