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I actually spent quite a while thinking of what to blog about today because my road trip down South seemed ages ago. The holiday is like only a figment of my imagination though it hasn’t even been a month! Besides, I feel like Singapore doesn’t have much to offer. I blame it on my lack of freedom to move away from the tourist belt.


Going through the scant photos I have of Singapore, I decided to write about Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) today. Who could go to Singapore as a tourist without visiting the first Integrated Resort in Singapore? The second Integrated Resort (IR) is Marina Bay Sands, which I also visited just before their official launch. What unfortunate timing!

Festive Grand

Friends who have been to Sentosa Island before tell me that the Island is totally changed. Well, I wouldn’t know since this was my first visit to the Island. In fact, Resorts World Sentosa just opened for business in late January this year.

RWS casino entrance

I had the opportunity to walk one round inside the casino. I had to show my passport as proof that I am not a Singaporean. I wanted to try my luck in slots but every button was in Mandarin. Gah…. Genting think that only Chinese speakers visit their casinos? So there went my hope of winning some money to cover my travel expenses. LOL As if this could happen!

inside Resorts World

I have to say that I was surprised that food sold at the food court was reasonably price. I had thought that I would get myself slaughtered in an Integrated Resort like RWS but luckily not. Still, after currency conversion, it couldn’t be THAT cheap. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to do that but I can’t help it. It’s brain reflex, if I may say so.

very wet Resorts World

It was totally wet the day we arrived so there wasn’t much we could do or see but spend the day indoors. There were large soccer balls hanging overhead since it was the World Cup season. It’s good advertisement for the sports betting shop there. As I am writing this, we are down to the last four teams in the on–going World Cup that’s happening right now in South Africa.


Visiting Resorts World Sentosa wasn’t a life changing experience for me. After all, I didn’t win the Lamborghini prize in the largest car jackpot. And after awhile, because of the rain, I even got bored of the place and decided to take the shuttle out to VivoCity. Yes, that was how I ended up in a shopping mall in Singapore. Can I deny that I am suffering from mallitis? LOL Still, it was an eye opening experience for me. If you have been to RWS, so have I!
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