Night Scene At Bugis Street, Singapore

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I understand that Bugis previously had a bad reputation, similar to Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur but that bad light is totally wiped out from the Bugis of today. Perhaps I just had not been there long enough to discover the sleaze, since I just managed to walk from one end of the Street to another.

Bugis Street clothes
clothes for sale at Bugis Street

Bugis Street is said to be the largest shopping location in Singapore with almost 600 shops. It certainly didn’t seem like there were almost 600 shops! Nevertheless, I felt that if I were to buy a Singapore souvenir, this would be the place.

colourful tropical fruits Bugis
colourful tropical fruits

Apart from “Singapore is a FINE city” t-shirts, I didn’t see anything that’s worth buying as souvenirs. All are overpriced. The cheap stuff, which are also overpriced, are from China. They don’t reflect Singapore, and besides, I could get them in Ipoh and they would be cheaper too since I would be paying with the weaker Ringgit!

Bugis Street fruit head
Bugis Street fruit head

What’s a night bazaar without a wide array of tropical fruits and tropical fruit juices? The difference between Bugis Street night bazaar and the regular one that I go to at home in Ipoh is the absence of fresh vegetables. This one leans more towards street fashion and accessories like clothes, bags and shoes.

Bugis Street shoppers
night shoppers at Bugis Street

After visiting it twice and taking loads of photos, I don’t think I’ll be missing Bugis Street anytime soon. It hasn’t anything exceptional to offer, if I may say so.

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