Mom On Parade 2011: Photos & Results

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Mom On Parade
Mom On Parade 2011 Finalists

Mom On Parade 2011 was held during the busy hockey tournament that I had to postpone writing and publishing this post so as not to disrupt my series of hockey reports.

Alice Von Yook Ying
Contestant No. 1 Alice Von Yook Ying

It may seem like I am sharing too many photos here but these are only a handful of what I actually took during Mum On Parade. I stayed for the entire 3+ hours and drained my camera battery. I didn’t know the show would run that long!

Gan Ai Sze
Contestant No. 2 Gan Ai Sze

To me, all the ten finalists were beautiful in their own way. Even picking out these photos was a challenge for me. I was not envious of the task the five judges had on Mother’s Day afternoon, crowning the winner of Mom On Parade 2011. It’s tough, I tell you. They are all winners, if I may say so. If there’s one thing I learned watching Mom On Parade, it is the fact that we are as beautiful as our level of self-confidence.

Jennifer Chin Siew Fong
Contestant No. 3 Jennifer Chin Siew Fong

Despite all the elegance and charm of Mom On Parade, one thing that broke the theme was the appearance of a drag queen. While her performances elicited chuckles from the adults, and a few screams from the kids, a drag show was rather inappropriate for a family event. Oh well, it’s over and done with so let’s just move on to more photos and results of Mom On Parade 2011!

Mom On Parade 2011
drag queen

5 subsidiary titles:
Touch Wedding Studio Most Graceful Mom – No. 2 Gan Ai Sze
Lazo Diamond Elegant Mom – No. 4 Liew See Yee
MattressCiti Best Performance Mom – No. 7 Selina Sim Soon heng
MorningKiss Best Smile Mom – No. 8 Teoh Seow Ai
Osim uMama Warm – No. 1 Alice Von Yook Ying

Mom On Parade 2011
2nd runner up – No. 6 Michelle Fun Pei Funn
1st runner up – No. 10 Yong Soo Peng
Winner – No. 8 Teoh Seow Ai

Liew See Yee
Contestant No. 4 Liew See Yee


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