Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament

The first Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament held at the Perak State Public Library, off Jalan Tambun, was a swift affair. That’s why it was called “blitz”. According to the President of the organiser, Persatuan Catur Daerah Kinta, Perak, En. Kamaruddin Samsuri, blitz chess has a different set of rules from classic chess. One wrong move, and the player loses. That’s tough.

Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament
Fong Yit Ho (L) shakes hand with younger brother, Fong Yit San (R) after a match. The game drew.

With time control of 5 minutes per player, chess blitz is hardly about chess playing skills but more of a challenge against the clock. It is a psychological game, quick wit, and a test to see who can follow the rules best under pressure. It was definitely a new experience for many chess players at the tournament.

Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament
Jagathees Guna Balan (L) concentrating on his game

Since this was an open tournament, players were not placed in different age categories, so a young player could face an older player. In fact, the youngest player was 9-year-old, Jagathees Guna Balan, 1st runner-up at the National Under-12 Championships. Young Jagathees is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the player with the most chess opponents (Child Category) with 67 wins over 67 opponents.

Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament
one of the chess sets on display

After 7 rounds, winners were declared. The honour roll:

Champion – Fong Yit Ho
Best female player – Izza Hasrina bt. Ismail
Best veteran – Mohd. Faizal Jamaludin
Under 16 – Eizhan Ishal b. Azahari
Under 12 – Jagathees Guna Balan

Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament
Fong Yit Ho - Champion

Event: Kinta Chess Blitz Tournament
Venue: Perak State Public Library
Date: 24th Dec, 2011
Time: 9am

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