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Announcement: 1st Asian Weiqi Open Championship 2015 – FULDA Cup

Malaysia has been selected to host the inaugural Asian Weiqi Open Championship, and Ipoh has been given the honour to do so, at Syeun Hotel.

Organised by FULDA Malaysia, the Championship will see keen competition among participants from Asia, from China to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and of course, host Malaysia.

Asian Weiqi Open Championship

Anyone who is interested to participate in this championship may do so by calling:

Mr. Andy at +6017-575 7287
Mr. Chong at +6014-201 0869
Mr. Sim at +6016-263 1060

What is Weiqi?

Weiqi, a type of Chinese chess, originated from China 3,000 years ago but was subsequently popularised by the Japanese. The game then spread to Korea and again, returned to China, making these three countries the strongest exponents in the game.

Also known as Go, Weiqi is an abstract strategy board game played on a grid of black lines by placing black or white stones on the intersections of the lines. The winner will be the one who can amass as vast an area of the board as possible, surrounding (or encircling) the opponent with each move. Professional players, who play on a 19 X 19 squares board, can take up to two days to complete a game.

Like a game of chess, playing Weiqi comes with many benefits such as increasing one’s intellect, patience, observation and interpersonal skills. Weiqi was used by Chinese imperial courts as a gauge to measure the intellectual strength of imperial scholars before selected to serve the Emperor. It was also a game played during conversations between the Emperor and his civil and military advisers.

Event: 1st Asian Weiqi Open Championship 2015 – FULDA Cup
Venue: Syeun Hotel, Ipoh
Date: 8th – 13th Dec, 2015
Time: 9am – 7pm

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  1. Pls let me any Chinese chess clAss or its club in ipoh?

    I would like to join even is competition


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