Kem Bakat SPTS Zon Tengah 2011 (Gymnastics)

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Kem Bakat SPTS
gymnast 1

I was at the gymnasium at the MBI (Ipoh City Council) Sports Complex yesterday afternoon to watch the Kem Bakat SPTS (Sukan Prestasi Tinggi Sekolah) Zon Tengah 2011 for gymnastics. I was hoping to get some good action shots but the hall was dark and I was not allowed to use the flash.

Kem Bakat SPTS
gymnast 2

Kem Bakat SPTS
gymnast 3

Young girls between the ages of seven and nine came from Perak, Selangor and the Federal Territory to compete for three days in the Little Gymnast (LG) and Grade One categories for gymnastics. Winners here get to proceed in the national challenge, competing with winners from the other regions of Malaysia.

Kem Bakat SPTS
gymnast 4

Kem Bakat SPTS
gymnast 5


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3 thoughts on “Kem Bakat SPTS Zon Tengah 2011 (Gymnastics)

  1. Hai I’m Parames and I am from Ipoh Perak. I’m looking gymnastics class for my daughter age 4yrs but don’t know where to find.

  2. Hello Paramesvari,

    You may contact Ms. Lee at 016-5913268 after 22nd July, 2016. She is currently away in Sarawak for SUKMA.

    Hope this information helps.

  3. Hi, I’m Ravinder and from Ipoh, Perak. Would like to ask that I am looking fo me gymnastics classes for my daughter who is 4 years old. Can I know how and who should I contact with?

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