Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IPH) Ipoh Airport

About two weeks ago, we went to the Lapangan Terbang Sultan Azlan Shah (IPH) for no particular reason. LOL That’s Ipoh for you. Everywhere is less than 30 minutes’ drive away.

lapangan terbang Sultan Azlan Shah

Unfortunately, the Sultan Azlan Shah airport was closed and I was quite surprised. I was so looking forward to shooting some night photos of the airport. It would have been awesome with all the lights in the dark night. We were told that the airport is only opened during the day as there is only one daily flight in and out of Ipoh; Firefly flying the Ipoh – Singapore route, at 4pm.

Can you imagine, only one flight daily. No wonder Ipoh is so dead! If you read the feedback on the Ipoh airport website, you can see many people calling for Ipoh Airport to be upgraded to an international airport and not just regional. Serving Singapore only isn’t even “regional”. And the fare is just too exorbitant. I’d rather just take an express coach to Singapore.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll just drop by the airport again one of these days during the day! I really have to start going out more when it’s bright. LOL

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IPH) Ipoh Airport
GPS Coordinates: N 04 34.086′ E 101 5.493′

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